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Customer Interaction Management Solutions

No matter what your industry is, no matter who your customers are, no matter what types of services you are performing, there is constant pressure to do more with existing resources. Increase revenues, but don't add head count. Decrease costs, but don't let service slip. It is an age-old challenge.

While the best scheduling solutions bring enormous benefits, they cannot solve the problem entirely in a full-service business model. There will always be the need to retain enough customer service representatives to manage all the service requests coming in from customers. And there will always be a percentage of customers who:

  • Forget about their appointments
  • Forget to cancel if the time is no longer convenient
  • Are simply not home when the field resource shows up, thus requiring a costly repeat visit

Convenient and Flexible Customer Interaction Solution

It is not surprising, therefore, that there are so many examples of self-service capabilities being offered by service organizations of all shapes and sizes these days. The beauty of the self-service model is that it helps reduce overhead in the service organization, while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction by giving the customer more control over the appointment booking process. Costs go down. Satisfaction goes up. Everybody wins.

ClickContact provides service organizations with a number of self-service and automated features designed to enable you to provide top-notch service to your customers while still keeping an eye on your bottom line. Used in conjunction with our optimized scheduling solution, location-based services and mobile offering, ClickContact workforce management software solutions is just what a service organization needs to take customer interaction management to the next level.

ClickContact Overview

ClickContact enables service organizations to put the management of the service experience into the hands of their customers. By providing self-service appointment booking and updating over the Internet, automatic customer notifications, and the option for a post-service survey, ClickContact adds value to every step of the service lifecycle.

At the heart of ClickContact is the online appointment booking capability that allows a customer to schedule a service call for themselves, without the help of any of the organization's customer support staff. This self service approach will dramatically reduce the inbound calls to the call center which will result in major cost savings to the service organization. But that is just the beginning.


  • Provides a way for customers to update or reschedule any appointment times if the originally-planned time becomes inconvenient thus reducing the number of customer no-shows on the day of service
  • Enables the service organization to send customers automatic updates via email, text and voice message, etc. including confirmations, updates and estimated arrival time of the service resource to the service location, which results in less missed appointments, as well as, less inbound calls to the call center inquiring where the technician is and when they plan to arrive
  • Once the service call is finished, ClickContact enables the service organization to automatically send out a survey to the customer to get immediate performance feedback

Part of the Service Optimization SuiteClickContact provides service organizations with a world-class customer interaction management system.

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