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The Cloud is not just a trendy buzzword anymore. Today, the “Cloud” represents a viable alternative for many companies who wish to implement a solution quickly and allow cost-effective growth. As the Leader in the Mobile Workforce Management service business, ClickSoftware immediately recognized the appeal of cloud installations for our customers and we adapted our solutions to take advantage of the cost and scalability associated with cloud-based models. We chose Amazon to host our cloud offering in order to provide the same dependability and reliability that makes us the leader in mobile workforce management solutions.

Our cloud offering uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the platform for our cloud services giving you the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low and predictable variable costs. With ClickSoftware, you get the same powerful mobile workforce management solution with the added benefits of a reliable AWS cloud implementation:

  • Elastic: Enables you to increase or decrease capacity in real-time, not hours or days.
  • Scalable: Your application can automatically scale itself up and down depending on its needs
  • Control – You have a complete view of your application using the Cloud Operational Dashboard 
  • Reliable – We offer a highly reliable environment where replacement instances can be rapidly and predictably commissioned plus a Service Level Agreement commitment of 99.95% availability for each Amazon Region.
  • Secure – We provide security and robust networking functionality for your computer resources

ClickSoftware on the Cloud – you have a choice.

In order to help you evaluate the right solution for your organization, we have compiled a straightforward cloud offering based on your business type. Each offering has benefits that match the certain characteristics of your business, and will give you the flexibility and economies of scale essential to your service business.

  • Enterprise Cloud Offering - Our Enterprise solution is offered on the cloud as individual services. Choose one or many solutions and select from our rich suite of products: ClickSchedule, ClickMobile, ClickRoster, ClickContact, ClickAnalyze, and more. Easily add or subtract capacity, or even add a service to compliment your new requirements, and since this is a cloud implementation, within days of registering for the service, your new solution is up and running and optimizing your business practices.
  • Small and Medium Business Cloud Offering - ClickExpress - SMB Scheduling Software is an out-of-the-box, cloud-based solution that addresses the unique mobility and scheduling needs of a growing company. Specially designed for cloud implementations of service businesses with up to 250 mobile resources, ClickExpress enables companies to quickly come up to speed with a full functioning workforce management solution.
  • Cloud Offering ClickWorkforce is an end-to-end mobile workforce management solution on the cloud that provides optimized scheduling and mobility in a click of a button. One click of a button will instantly deliver an optimized mobile workforce schedule, all within the platform.


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