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ClickLocate Overview

ClickLocate enables service organizations to improve their service operations by allowing them to make decisions and take actions based on actual location information including, near real-time engineer locations. In effect, ClickLocate enables service managers to "see" the current location of the entire mobile workforce in one click.

The ClickLocate solution also provides:

  • An engineer's travel direction
  • Average speed
  • Information based on whether or not the engineer is currently moving or stopped
  • A time stamp to establish when the information was processed

ClickLocate receives location information transmitted from GPS, cell-tower ID, cellular triangulation, assisted GPS and other services to a mobile device carried by the field engineer or mounted in the service vehicle. The solution then integrates to ClickSchedule via Web Services. Once location information is received to ClickSchedule, dispatchers are able to take action to identify potential late or missed appointments to rectify the situation early.


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