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Mobile Business Intelligence & Workforce Analytics

Providing up-to-date information to decision makers is key in achieving an organization's business goals and staying ahead of the competition. Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but implementing the mobile business intelligence and analytical tools necessary to provide this level of information within a service operation can be very challenging. And having the right tools is more than half the battle.

Even in the best service organizations, problems and/or problematic trends spring up. The sooner these problems are detected; the better off the organization will be in correcting and subsequently preventing them. To do this, companies need to be monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) on an ongoing basis and keeping track of historical performance information for future use.

ClickAnalyze , our mobile business intelligence and workforce analytics solution, was designed with the unique challenges of field service in mind. As such, it helps service executives keep abreast of changing trends and, in many cases, mitigate problems before they get out of control. Information gained through ClickAnalyze workforce management software solution also serves as the historical basis for the demand forecasting link in the service chain.

ClickAnalyze – Mobile Business Intelligence

Activity monitoring & workforce analytics for the service business

Today's service organizations are awash in information, with countless measures and indicators available to track the tiniest details. The key to cutting through the noise is to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide the truest reflection of the state of the organization, and then transform this data into useful knowledge.

ClickAnalyze was designed specifically for service businesses, and reflects our deep understanding of your unique challenges. ClickAnalyze provides mobile business activity monitoring and workforce analytics through two separate modules:

  • ClickAnalyze Reporting - a tool for creating fast, easy reports that provide full visibility of current and historical operational data
  • ClickAnalyze Insight - an analytics tool that enables service organizations to monitor and evaluate their overall operational performance and trends
ClickAnalyze provides important insight into what's happening, and why. Instead of just pointing out problems, or potential problems, it enables the service organization to determine the causes. In addition, it provides a depth of current and historical data that allows the organization to take immediate corrective and preventative actions.

Like all ClickSoftware solutions, ClickAnalyze modules fit seamlessly as components of ClickSoftware's ServiceOptimization Suite. They extract data from ClickSchedule and archive it to be used during analysis. ClickAnalyze Insight also provides ClickForecast with the historical data needed for reliable customer demand forecasting.

Features | Benefits

ClickAnalyze Mobile Business Intelligence & Workforce Analytics


  • Dashboard view for real-time KPI monitoring
  • Detailed report view for each KPI
  • Historical view for identification of trends
  • Drill-down capabilities by territory, time, customer, and resource from the very-high-level view to the individual level
  • Multilingual support

  • Identify service inefficiencies, patterns and trends
  • Improve accuracy of forecasting and planning
  • Detect problems or potential problems early
  • Identify problem source(s)
  • Analyze the problem at high or very detailed levels

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