ClickExpress Scheduling Solution

ClickExpress is an automated workforce management solution that gives small and medium business the ability to implement a best-in-class solution. Based on ClickSoftware’s proven enterprise solution, this out-of-the-box mobility and scheduling solution gives small and medium businesses an unparalleled layer of visibility into the day-to-day operations of the field.

I automated my scheduling tasks cutting down on manual processes and freeing up employees for greater tasks.

Our optimization technology simultaneously considers numerous strategic and operational constraints when scheduling resources ensuring that the best resource with the right skills and the right tools gets to the customer at the right time. This automation brings significant value to the business as ClickExpress can automatically adjust the schedule to best reflect the business goals and ensure full adherence to the defined schedule policies. ClickExpress provides analytic tools sending up-to-the-minute information to key decision makers allowing quick detection, correction and prevention that will put the company on a fast track to achieving their business goals.

Zero Overhead

No up-front investment in licenses or hardware and minimal impact on your IT department.

Rapid Deployment

On-boarding process is rapid and streamlined with limited impact on IT and Zero risk for adopting.

Realistic Routes

Street-level routing and reliable estimated times of arrival reduce mileage and fuel consumption.

React in Real Time

Immediately respond to changes to reduce delays and improve service levels.

Factor in Business Rules

Optimize schedules using specific business objectives and existing business processes.

Dispatch to Mobile Device

Dispatch work to mobile devices and receive real-time progress updates.

Easy Implementation & Great Support

Our goal is to help your scheduling project succeed and allow your small business to gain the full value of our scheduling software over the complete lifecycle of your solution.  Working in a partnership mode, we will optimize and drive the value of your solution higher with professional that can help you through all the stages of your project – implementation, training, consulting and support.

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