What Makes Support with Us Unique

When you buy our products, you become part of the ClickSoftware family.  Our goal is to support your project, your company, and your business goals through the correct adaptation of our solution from start to finish. In order to do this, we have gathered a support team that loves what they do, and given them the green light to support these projects the way they know how – with ingenuity, flexibility and a hands-on methodology.

It’s not just our wide variety of engineers, certified support engineers, subject matter experts and senior engineers that make us unique, but rather the way our engineers go about making each project special: 


What we LIKE

     What you GAIN

  • To get involved in pre-implementation processes of the project
  • A successful project from start to finish
  • To offer lots of different working hours
  • Support hours that are right for you
  • Working alongside our customers on resolving issues
  • Working hand-in-hand with support to resolve issues in real time
  • To work hand-in-hand with IT managers
  • Solve outstanding support calls on the spot
  • To sit with dispatchers and review daily activities/operations
  • Suggest ways to improve that are right for you
  •  A support engineer that is familiar with your project
  • Someone that follows up on every detail and drives the calls, cases, requests for fixes
  • Understand the changes that happen along the way
  • Suggest best practices and training that can help along the way
  • To perform regular maintenance activities
  • Identify problems before they impact your business 
  • To write wiki pages with lots of information for our partners and customers
  • You can find answers to problems at any time


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