Professional Services

Over 250 Professionals Dedicated To Getting the Most Value Out Of Your Solution

ClickSoftware’s Professional Services Team is based on a global organization with strong corporate involvement in every implementation.  Our teams work in unification around the world to provide local support backed with knowledge sharing and best practices that are shared form all industries in all geographies.

When you use ClickSoftware’s professional services, you become a member of our professional family.  Each implementation is backed by our full service team with the professionalism that we have been giving our customer for over 20 years.


5 Ways We Get It Right for You

  • Integration - With a rich API for integration and an expert team of engineers, we are able to diminish the time you spend integrating our solution. Our API is continually updated to support the latest technologies.  Our solution is already integrated and working with many of the big players (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Sybel) and with many home grown systems as well.  In fact, over 90% of our customers integrate our solution with at least of 3-4 back-end systems at the same time.


  • Best Practices - Improvements and enhancements are a never ending story.  ClickSoftware’s Professional Services team comes equipped with 14 years of best practices in every industry.  Our teams work in unification around the world to share knowledge and best practices, and then re-share them with our customers and partners.  Not only that, we put all these best practices back into the product so that you can forget about all the mistakes from the past and push towards an easier future. 


  • Change Management - With over 200 installations to learn from, we understand change management from a real life perspective.   We can help you minimize the impact of such systems on the organization and the day to day life of the users, dispatcher and mobile workers, and help you find ways to overcome these challenges. We even have a documentation library full of white papers outlining the best practices for change management. 


  • Adaptive - We adjust our project delivery methodology to your needs, no matter what those needs may be.  From a full on-site team responsible for the whole end-to-end project, to on-site consultancy services that can advise best practices, we work with you to find the right fit for your project and the best way to engage. In fact, one customer requested a consultant to join them in an agile mode for 6 months, and another customer asked for an onsite team that owned the full implementation until handoff.


  • Multi-variants - Our experience runs the gamut from projects that are short and simple, to projects that have many business flows over multiple business units across many countries. Regardless if you have a complex solution with many rollouts or a simple solution in a smaller organization, we know how to implement it in the best way for your business. For instance, we know how to implement projects where it takes one month to complete just one task, or projects where an engineer has 8 tasks to perform in one day. 

Global Services

ClickSoftware is the leading provider of field service and workforce management software for every size of field service business in any industry.

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