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Service Change Management

The benefits that service optimization and mobile workforce management solutions can bring to your organization cannot be overstated. But inherently linked to these benefits are changes that will significantly impact the lives of those affected by them. Drip-feed scheduling and pre-defined routes take away autonomy from your field engineers. Automated scheduling and dispatching reduces the need for dispatchers who may rebel against the adoption of technology in an effort to save their jobs.

As you can see from these couple examples, changes of this magnitude in a service organization are not something that will just happen automatically. Change needs to be deliberate, and it needs to be managed.

Organizations can benefit from ClickSoftware's expertise in Service Change Management in two ways:

  • ClickSoftware University Course Offering: ClickSoftware University is a ClickSoftware service consisting of a series of management courses that convey proven methods and principles for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the field service operation. In this course, ClickSoftware consultants help participants, in a classroom setting, understand the complexities of large-scale change initiatives in service organizations and how best to manage them.
  • Consulting Service Engagement: ClickSoftware experts take a more hands-on approach to helping service professionals better manage change within their organizations. ClickSoftware consultants, working alongside service managers within the organization, will help build an appropriate change management plan and will counsel these managers in the plan's effective implementation.

In either case, emphasis is put on getting to the heart of change management problems specifically in the service industry. Discussions, for example, may focus on such topics as field staff-how optimization could change their jobs and sense of autonomy, and how the service organization should handle this.

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