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ClickWorkforce - Advanced Scheduling and Real-time Mobility Solution for users

ClickWorkforce is an end-to-end mobile workforce management solution on the cloud that provides optimized scheduling and mobility in a click of a button

ClickWorkforce is scalable to any size service business. From growing companies to enterprises, one click of a button will instantly deliver an optimized mobile workforce schedule, all within the platform. 

ClickSoftware is Completely Unified with
Complete Networking and Collaboration Tools Integrated Inside

Chatter allows call center agents, sales reps, managers and field employees to Exchange information feeds. Personal Assistant Butlers push context-aware notifications and alerts to the field workers. Mobile Apps create more networking functionality such as finding companions in the area and make online report filing possible.



ClickSoftware’s flexible scheduling solution incorporates advanced decision-making algorithms and artificial intelligence into ClickWorkforce to formulate and optimize the fundamental questions of service job fulfillment: Who does What, for Whom, with What, Where and When.

In one click, you can:

  • See a panoramic view of your entire service operation
  • Give customers narrow, accurate service appointments in real time
  • Chat with field employees and sales reps to make their work more efficient
  • Schedule field employees instantly based on location, skill, cost and street-level routing
  • Offer online self-service appointment booking and notifications to your customers


The ClickWorkforce solution touches the entire service team-from sales reps to field employees to call center agents-with efficient task scheduling, real-time mobility tools and insightful service analytics.

On mobile devices, you can:

  • Work offline with full synch capabilities when back online
  • Chat and exchange information with co-workers and managers
  • Extend upsell opportunities through field employees
  • Send and receive context-aware notifications and actions
  • Create networks and communities that share and provide information

ClickWorkforce Data Sheet

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