Retail Workforce Management and Scheduling Software

Elevate the customer experience with high-touch service, streamlining management of field, in-store and third-party resources.

Service has become a primary driver of retailers’ product sales and a growing independent revenue stream. Retailers must adjust their business model to gain control and visibility of a mixed workforce composed of in-store employees, drivers, field service providers and others – both internally and with service partners.


ClickSoftware’s solution for retail optimizes all types of resources for all types of work, from shifts to service and installation tasks to deliveries, in a single workforce management system. The retail scheduling and workforce management software provides a centralized view for internal and third-party providers, and a single platform for communication that can be leveraged with any smartphone or tablet. Every representative of your business who actually “faces” the customer delivers an exceptional customer experience - from an immediate service appointment at point of sale to engagement throughout the service lifecycle.

Single Service Solution

Centralized management and communication for flexibility across the enterprise workforce.

Proven Scalability & Durability

Responsive to intensive streams of incoming customer service requests, especially critical for seasonal peaks.

Optimized Shifts & Tasks

Optimize scheduling activities according to business objectives.

Real-time Updates

Drive agility with instant optimization for every change in status or location of your mobile workforce.

Loyalty via Engaged Customers

Empower customers to schedule convenient appointments and enable continuous communication on service status via their preferred channel.

Increased Revenue Margins

Ensure original and repeated purchases based on a superior customer experience while reducing labor costs.

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