Field Service Automation


Transform your Field Service from Reactive to Predictive

Advanced Field Service Analytics Capabilities

Effectively addressing all aspects of the service chain to deliver exceptional service begins before the day of service. Predictive forecasting, planning and shift management all take place well before your service professional arrives at your customer’s location – and are the prerequisites to successfully meeting the demands of your business. Your organization no longer just reacts, or even proactively reacts, but predictively reacts, but instead uses field service analytics to predictively react by leveraging your historic service requirements with your projected service volumes.

Field Resource Management

ClickSoftware’s task and resource management solution automatically optimizes shift scheduling and planning of any enterprise workforce management team. This automated solution compiles a 360-degree view of each employee, including their unique skills, geographic location, availability, preferences and service requirements for assets. These service variables, combined with scheduling rules based on your company policies or regulatory requirements, find trends and patterns, set alerts to warn of problems, and automatically apply them to your schedules.

Field Service Scheduling and Optimization

Our shift management capabilities are designed to help you optimize staff scheduling by automating even the most complicated tasks. From dispatch and scheduling to optimizing to packaged field service apps for workers, our solution helps balance your staff with your customers’ needs and your company’s service objectives.

ClickSoftware puts everything at your fingertips, automatically determining who needs to be where and when, and what they need to do when they get there, along with the required tools and equipment. The result is a cost effective,operationally efficient scheduling system that harmoniously blends every factor impacting service operations, even for the most customer-centric organizations.

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Stay Ahead of your Demand, Demand to Stay Ahead

Capacity Staffing

ClickSoftware shift scheduling ensures all roles and positions are staffed according to your pre-defined rules, policies and tasks at the desired capacity level hours, days and weeks in advance

Meet Demands

Our market-leading platform delivers a tactical shift scheduling solution with the goal of covering both present and future demands at a minimal cost.

Enterprise Approach

An enterprise-wide approach to workforce management and service optimization that transforms the way that service organizations better manage their shift planning

Increase Satisfaction and Retention

Shift scheduling empowers employees to enter and request changes on their own schedules while adhering to union, company and regulatory rules – increasing staff satisfaction and retention. Integration with the contact center and CRM, HR and payroll systems meansyour data remains consistent and transparent across the entire service chain.

Optimal Planning

You can ensure that your shifts are optimally planned to meet the demand and enable your organization to take advantage of optimized shift scheduling software and planning in hours,days and weeks in advance.

Business Parameters

Within shift planning, machine learning and pattern optimization logically creating shifts and schedules that match your forecasted workload– while complying with the business parametersof your goals