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Automated and Optimized Decision Making

August 5, 2016 csadmin 0 Comments
  • Your customers get quicker response times, narrower appointment windows that fit their preferences, and efficient, timely service
  • Your field employees enjoy reasonable working hours with less travel time between jobs, elimination of administrative paperwork and easy access to the information they need to do their jobs
  • Your service operations team can focus on handling exceptions on the day of the service, rather than the tedious work of creating and re-creating a sub-optimal schedule
  • Your marketing and sales teams can use the superior level of service you are able to provide to your customers to differentiate from the competition and win more business
  • Your contact center representatives will be able to provide timely accurate information, and get fewer calls, with customers able to answer many questions, such as ‘where is my tech?’, themselves
  • Your manager gets a 360 view of the entire field service operation, with real time information, and individualized service KPIs that will support continuous performance improvement


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