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Expertise Developed Over Decades

August 5, 2016 csadmin 0 Comments

Having pioneered the Field Service Management category over 20 years ago, this spirit of innovation extends to ClickSoftware’s services organization as well. Our Professional Services team of over 250 project experts continues to fine tune processes and project management procedures to find efficiencies that drive rapid value for our customers. The result is a lean, agile and systematic approach to new solution integrations, as well as to incumbent customer upgrades and cloud migrations. At the core of the service offering is our SOLID implementation methodology, a process that creates and leverages a deep and collaborative partnership with our customers to drive rapid results that produce the highest value and ensure uncompromising quality. 

SOLID, or “Service Optimization Lean Implementation & Deployment”, takes the foundation of the agile project management and then builds in the knowledge and experience we have gained over thousands of projects to increase project speed and return on investment by replicating the processes that have been most successful and efficient throughout the years. New ClickSoftware customers achieve a benefit available only from the world’s largest Mobile Workforce Management customer base by extending the experience gained by similar organizations in the ClickSoftware Community with their deployments. Additionally, the experience acquired across the ClickSoftware Community delivers efficiency and immediate value from the very beginning of becoming a ClickSoftware customer, and continues throughout the relationship through peer best practices sharing which are available online, at ClickSoftware events, and via networking with the world’s most forward-thinking and demanding service providers: ClickSoftware customers.

The value and quantifiable results realized by working with ClickSoftware Professional Services don’t end with the successful deployment of the solution – they start there. The ability to leverage our knowledgeable Professional Service resources is an exclusive asset to our customers, regardless of where they are in their customer lifecycle with ClickSoftware. The journey starts with a discovery process in advance of implementation, rolls into the integration and deployment and then covers all aspects of post deployment services to deliver continuous improvement and service enhancements to the business.


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