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Experience, Passion and Knowledge for Customer Success

August 5, 2016 csadmin 0 Comments

Customers come in all combinations, each with their specific requirements.  Regardless of whether a customer has completed their implementation and is in full production or is still in the process of implementation, ClickSoftware Support is their best choice for troubleshooting and rectifying issues they might encounter.  ClickSoftware Worldwide Support extends to our Alliance Implementation Partners can as well, who benefit from assistance with technical or usage questions to rapidly solve problems or issues for customers.

Working with ClickSoftware Support follows a prescribed set of stages that begin with a new service request, moving through a full spectrum of case lifecycle stages that ultimately result in the case being closed – with knowledge and documentation sharing for future issue avoidance and proactive customer self-resolution.

ClickSoftware’s Service Level Agreement for our Basic Support Plan is outlined below.  Basic Support is included for all customers within the ClickSoftware Field Service Edge subscription fee. 

A description of the Basic Support is included within the Support Services Policy, along with the definition of each level of severity, which can be found at: www.clicksoftware.com/cloud-support-services-policy.  In addition, you can view ClickSoftware’s extended support terms available with the optional Premium Support.  

Our global Support Team works directly with our customers’ certified users to assist in problem resolution.  There are two types of Certified users: Power Users and Contacts.  Both types of users are provided with unique log in credentials, including individual administrative rights based on their organization’s policies as well as their degree of ClickSoftware certification.

Power users are the key technical contacts on the customer side, with permission to manage existing cases using our Customer Community site, as well as the ability to log new cases.  In order to become a power user individuals are required to complete the relevant certification training and be approved by ClickSoftware Worldwide Support.  This ensures that the two organizations can efficiently collaborate to get to the core of the issue as rapidly as possible.  Power users are also responsible for all communications between Worldwide Support and their organization.

Certified contacts are typically non-technical customer stakeholders, but who are approved to log into the Customer Community to review and update cases on their company’s behalf. 

While no customer wants to be faced with an issue that disrupts their service, ClickSoftware customers know that the experience, passion and knowledge our seasoned Worldwide Support team brings to the challenge means that they can be confident that the appropriate support resources are at the ready to quickly rectify even their most challenging service issues.


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