Street Level Routing

When was the last time that you drove anywhere in a straight line? Probably never. And even if you did attempt this, you will have found that obstacles got in your way – such as rivers, railways, hills, mountains, and buildings – all meaning that you had to follow the route around these and not take the direct approach.

You will have found that the time it took you to travel to your destination was far longer that you’d have expected by driving in a straight-line, and you may even arrive late. It’s illogical to plan your routes that way and you wouldn’t expect your service business to operate in the same manner. But surprisingly many service organizations ignore street-level routing, or SLR, and make costly mistakes in planning travel times.

I use fleet routing software that contains SLR to keep my technicians on time and schedules optimized

  • Optimizing across the workforce, not one route at a time: Street-level routing is not mainly about how a specific mobile worker should drive from point A to point B; its key productivity improvement is about deciding which mobile should be dispatched to point B.
  • Avoiding pitfalls: Street-level routing discovers hidden traps in planning and defuses them before they create delays, missed commitments, customer dissatisfaction and reduced productivity.
  • Improving productivity: Street-level routing not only exposes constraints on productivity but also discovers unexpected productivity-improvement gains.
Be On Time

Accurate and reliable appointment windows and arrival times to customers by calculating travel using the actual route

Better Navigation

Optimized routes, every time, taking into account the posted speed limits, one-way streets, buildings, and geographic obstacles

Meet SLA's

A reduction in the number of failed jobs by not running out of time - this is a common issue when using simple aerial distances or average travel times between postal or zip codes – the customers at the end of the day suffer missed service

Real-Time GPS Solutions

Real-time traffic information that is incorporated into your real-time optimization processes giving even more accuracy by diverting resources onto clearer and quicker routes

Real Time Mobility

Notification to the service resource of their intended route

Optimized Routes

SLR creates much better routes and schedules than any other method.

Easy Implementation & Great Support

Our goal is to help your business intelligence and workforce analytics solution succeed and allow you to gain the full value of your software over the complete lifecycle of your solution. Working in a partnership mode, we will optimize and drive the value of your performance measurement software higher with professionals that can help you through implementation, training, consulting and support.

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