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Mobile Application Development Platform

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ClickSoftware’s ClickMobile and Mobility Studio for application development comprise a powerful platform for rapid development of mobile business applications. Production-ready, pre-built “Starter Kits,” are easily and rapidly configured to meet the specific business requirements of mobile workforce management. In most cases, full implementation can be accomplished with zero coding. Visual tools enable drag-and-drop creation of forms, fields, workflows, and functionality to cover most business scenarios within the service sector.

Mobility Studio was built by developers for developers, and acts as a visual development platform that bridges the gaps between cutting-edge mobile technologies and line-of-business applications. Mobility Studio acts as the mobile business application layer for the mobile enterprise implementer, hiding the technical complexities of code and enabling assembly of mobile applications in a business-oriented manner. This enables even business managers and system administrators to easily build, configure, and maintain their set of mobile applications without the need to develop code.

ClickSoftware’s Mobility Studio enables visual drag and drop development of mobile business applications including:

  • Starter Kits: Baseline production-ready mobile applications upon which additional functionality can be added via plugged-in apps.
  • Modules Builder: Configure main business modules holding data lists, tables, trees or any other visual representation layer (map) presenting data like assets, shifts, products, customers.
  • Forms Editor: Enables building of form-based work flows, advanced validations, dependencies between fields, and variations between dynamic forms and work flows based upon job types and characteristics
  • Software Development Kit (SDK): Aimed purely at developers, it is a toolkit of API services, events, code snippets, and samples.

Mobility Studio comes pre-integrated with the complete Sybase Mobility Platform (SMP): iAnywhere, Afaria and SMP - enabling workers in the field to work as they cross from one mobile network to another, even if they are not connected to any network, ensuring security for the data on the device and in transit to and from the device.

ClickMobile Applications for Laptops, Tablets, Smart phones, and WAP phones and the Mobility Studio provide the complete solution for rapid deployment of mobile business functionality.

Mobility Studio Applications for Laptops, Tablets, Smart phones, and WAP phones

ClickMobile and Mobility Studio are part of the Service Optimization suite of solutions within the W6++ platform, which has evolved over 20+ years in production service operations of many of the leading and largest service operations worldwide. As a common infrastructure for supporting any aspect of a service operation’s life cycle (from strategic to tactical to execution and analytics), W6++ has grown to become the most widely adopted ‘best of breed’ platform for workforce management in the world. This extensible model for representing the various dimensions of businesses (e.g. customers, resources, equipment, parts, time), is leveraged by ClickMobile and Mobility Studio to provide a configurable mobile solution that can be rapidly modified for any field industry in the service sector.

Using Mobility Studio, ClickMobile has been rapidly deployed across a variety of industries, including Appliance Repair, Cable / Broadband, Gas & Electric Utilities, Insurance, Telecommunications, Corrections, Home Automation and Security. The deployments of ClickMobile cover a wide array of industry verticals, across a variety of business roles and mobile devices. These include field technicians, supervisors, and executives, using WAP-enabled mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and PCs – all deployed using Mobility Studio.

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