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Mobile Workforce Field Scheduling Software

The Schedule View App is critical for anyone executing tasks from the field, whether self-managed or scheduled and dispatched by others. In an easy-to-read format, scheduled tasks are displayed in a view that makes it easy to view work that lasts hours, days, or weeks. Configurable display options enable the selection of information to highlight in the Schedule View summary – for the company or for any specific role within it. Descriptive icons provide shortcuts for users to know at a glance which are the most important, or more difficult jobs of the day.

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The Schedule View App goes beyond an elegant presentation of the work to enable immediate actions for users while minimizing the required ‘clicks’ or ‘touches’ to get there. Whether displaying the job details, updating job status, or finding driving directions to the job; the Schedule View App provides the shortest way to get it done.

View from the Dispatchers seat:

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View from Field Resource:

Pre-integration with the industry-leading ClickSchedule solution from ClickSoftware connects the Schedule View to a powerful optimization engine which can be configured to provide drip-feed, daily, and other dispatch methods, along with pre-defined work flows, business rules, and notifications to ensure that critical tasks are highlighted and monitored. Real-time connectivity with ClickSchedule means that the schedule is always kept feasible, up-to-date and optimized. As jobs are re-optimized, updates to tentative jobs later in the day are displayed instantly in the Schedule View.

From the Schedule View, a user can acknowledge and accept jobs, report on site execution or indicate a completed status – by simply selecting the job and clicking (or touching) a button. These changes also leverage the integration with ClickSchedule and other back-office systems to give immediate visibility of field activities to managerial and executive decision-makers.


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