Cloud Mobile Workforce Management Software & Optimization Solutions

ClickSoftware’s offerings are designed to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of all business roles in a service company; from your field staff to back-office users to top executives. Our mobile workforce management software solutions incorporate business best practices and advanced decision-making algorithms that enable you to manage and optimize your entire service operation; before, during, and after the day of service.

ClickSoftware has a single focus:  To empower service providers to Master the Moment, delivering superb experiences to your customers.   We help you accomplish this through more than 20 years of ongoing, relentless innovation in decision-making and mobile service execution. Artificial Intelligence has always been our core focus and continues to produce unique and powerful differentiators for a mobile workforce management software that helps you master every service moment.    

Optimize Your Entire Service Organization - in the Cloud or On Premises

While a service operation is ultimately measured by its performance on the day of service, our mobile workforce management software help you exceed your customers’ expectations throughout their service experience – transforming your employees into your ultimate brand ambassadors.  

  • Planning and Forecasting capabilities ensure proper workforce coverage for your expected demand.
  • Shift Management optimizes your employees’ availability to fit demand during the day of service.
  • Scheduling and Dispatch assigns the right people to the right place, at the right moment, for every customer or task.
  • Mobile Apps ensure comprehensive interconnectivity is maintained when employees are in the field.
  • Performance Measurement – coupled with predictive and prescriptive analytics – identify improvement opportunities to ensure continuous improvement.    

In the cloud, or on premises you decide the solution that’s best for you.


Forecast and plan resources well in advance.


Reach desired capacity levels of resources by staffing shifts hours, days and weeks in advance.


Daily schedules updated and optimized in real-time with up-to-the-second information from the field.


Give field technicians mobility to connect in real-time with the home office.


Use historical data to analyze and report.


Increase customer satisfaction with automated workforce management solutions.

ROI Calculator for Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

Easy Implementation & Great Support

Our goal is to help your mobile workforce management project succeed and allow you to gain the full value of your software over the complete lifecycle of your solution.  Working in a partnership mode, we will optimize and drive the value of your workforce management solution higher with professionals that can help you through all the stages of your project – implementation, training, consulting and support.

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