Business Intelligence & Workforce Analytics

Performance Measurement

The mobile business intelligence and workforce analytics solution is designed with the unique challenges of field service.  Service executives keep well-informed of changing trends and in many cases mitigate problems before they get out of control.

I monitor field performance in real time and use graphs and charts to identify problems before they get out of hand.

ClickSoftware’s performance measurement solution provides full visibility of operational data that exist in the system - enabling decision makers to gain insights about the performance of their departments and to proactively manage them.



Analytics graph for Performance Measurement  Analytics for Workforce Performance 

Provide important insight into what's happening, and why. Instead of just pointing out problems, or potential problems, it enables the service organization to determine the causes. In addition, it provides a depth of current and historical data that allows the organization to take immediate corrective and preventative actions.



  Dashboards for Visualizing KPI's

Dashboard views of the organization's KPIs enable managers to track performance and identify existing or potential problems.  Create views to drill down through various performance levels and groups - territories, products, technicians, and customers. With Clicksoftware’s business intelligence and analytics tool, dashboard views are also available on smart phones and tablets. These dashboards enable managers to proactively pinpoint bottlenecks in the system before they get out of control.



  Reports for Business Intelligence  

With just a few clicks, users can create, view and print current reports on field support logistics and can track service level indicators like resource travel, workload, utilization and "in jeopardy" management. 

Create Your Own Dashboards

Give users the freedom to control how they would like to explore the data they need for critical business decisions through drag and drop modifications, eliminating IT intervention.

Monitor in Real Time

View high level details or drill-down to territory, time, customer and field resource details.

See What’s Happening, and Why

Use our mobile business intelligence solution to explore a broad and detailed picture of the root cause and effect of issues and make decisions before they get out of control.

How it Works


Measuring Up your Field Service Performance

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Easy Implementation & Great Support

Our goal is to help your business intelligence and workforce analytics solution succeed and allow you to gain the full value of your software over the complete lifecycle of your solution. Working in a partnership mode, we will optimize and drive the value of your performance measurement software and optimize it higher with professionals that can help you through all the stages of your project – implementation, training, consulting and support.

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