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In today's fast-paced technology world, a little knowledge goes a long way. The more you know about the latest technologies available in your field, the better equipped you are to serve your customers. Below is a listing of our solution brochures for download. If you need a brochure in a different language, you can visit the local site, or email us.

Product Brochures

ClickAnalyze is designed to answer your needs on a day-to-day tactical level, as well as on a long-term strategic level with reporting and insight functions. Instead of simply highlighting performance issues with numbers, ClickAnalyze provides important insights into what’s happening during the service day and for longer timespans. With ClickAnalyze’s deep comprehension of both current and historical data, you get a broad and detailed picture of the root cause and effect of issues, enabling you to take corrective and/or preventive actions in a timely manner.
ClickMobile enables you to better manage and optimize your mobile workforce. ClickMobile is compatible with most devices and operating systems and works both offline and online with full accessibility to back-office systems. Mobile workers can use their devices to view jobs, service histories customer information and more. Expand your mobile solution by adding mobile business apps from the ClickAppStore.
ClickWorkforce is an advanced scheduling and realtime mobility solution for users that is scalable to any size service business. From growing companies to enterprises, one click of a button will instantly deliver an optimized mobile workforce schedule, all within the platform.
Cloud Offering
Cloud-based Mobile Workforce Management combines best practice service processes from more than 200 service leaders, and cloud-based platform models to cover your cloud strategy, without making business sacrifices. Our cloud offerings enable companies to adopt a comprehensive, industry leading solution for service mobility, planning and delivery.
Customer Management
ClickContact is a convenient and flexible customer interaction solution that manages the customer engagement lifecycle, from booking the initial appointment to publishing post-service event follow-up surveys. ClickContact keeps the customer informed and in control of their experience.
Demand Forecasting
ClickForecast is an intelligent statistical forecasting solution that produces accurate demand forecasts that project days, weeks, months and years ahead. By considering past experiences, trends, seasonality and cycles, ClickForecast creates credible forecasts for the entire organization, individual business units, product lines or any other view of the business.
Location Based Services
ClickLocate further optimizes the schedule by using the real-time locations of field resources – people, vehicles and other assets – and combining this information with ClickSchedule. Service managers “see” the current location of the entire mobile workforce in real time, and can use this information to make important decisions, shortening response times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Mobile Apps
The ClickAppStore is an enterprise mobility app store made exclusively for ClickMobile. From this unique repository users and implementers of ClickMobile can build business processes through mobile ClickApps to provide additional, completely integrated functionality without having to write code or go through a lengthy upgrade process.
Mobility Studio
The Mobility Studio is your ‘one-stop shop’ for the configuration and easy management of your entire mobile solution.
ClickSchedule is a ClickSoftware application designed to enable service organizations to improve efficiencies in the scheduling portion of the service chain. Based on more than 10 years of experience, and finetuned through the course of more than 100 implementations, ClickSchedule allows service managers to define how each of the key performance metrics in the service operation—SLA compliance, overtime, travel time, etc.—is considered in the scheduling process and then automatically builds schedules in such a way as to optimize performance around those metrics.
Shift Management
ClickRoster is an intelligent shift-planning solution that produces optimal shift patterns and shift plans - hours, days, weeks, and months ahead. Based on related resource-capacity plans, ClickRoster also enables service businesses to optimally allocate the right number of people to positions, roles, posts and tasks at the right times of the day.
Small and Medium Businesses
ClickExpress is an out-of-the-box, cloudbased solution that addresses the unique mobility and scheduling needs of a growing company. Whether you have tens or hundreds of mobile resources, ClickExpress enables companies to manage the lifecycle of a service call from initial customer contact, through work order creation, resource scheduling, dispatch, realtime updates from the field and managerial reports.
Work Order Management
ClickWorkOrder is an interactive front-office solution that allows dispatchers, call center agents and other users to create, maintain and manage the important data contained in your work orders. This increased visibility lets your field-based teams know exactly what’s required to successfully execute and close the work order, at the first visit.
Workforce Planning
ClickPlan is an intelligent capacity-planning solution that produces optimal resource allocation plans, looking ahead days, weeks, months and years. Based on related demand forecasts, ClickPlan enables service businesses to meet projected needs by anticipating manpower requirements and a correct mix of employees and contractors.

Industry Brochures

Communications Service Providers
How does the communications industry manage and maintain an existing infrastructure while undergoing a massive roll out of new technology? This challenge has provided a unique opportunity to deliver a higher level of service and customer satisfaction, which will in turn reduce churn rates and attract new customers.
Contact Centers
Contact centers are increasingly seen as an area of the business where service organizations can secure a competitive advantage. As the first line in support for existing and prospective customers, they are central to meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), improving brand reputation, and increasing both sales and customer loyalty.
Fire Fighting
Throughout the United States, Fire Departments are under pressure to manage the challenge of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided to citizens while performing at a lower operating cost; annual operating budgets are under pressure. Additionally, the nature of fire-related services is changing with a greater emphasis on fire prevention and attendance at non-fire related emergencies such as road traffic accidents.
Police Force
Across the world, police forces continue to face acute downward budget pressures. This means there are fewer funds available to tackle crime, to focus on crime prevention, and to maintain an optimally sized police force.
Oil and Gas
Intense competition, governmental pressures, environmental and health and safety legislation, globalization, decreasing reserves, and increased numbers of smaller discoveries are creating unprecedented challenges in Oil & Gas. Adapting the large, multinational and complex organizations that operate in this sector so that they thrive in such a dynamic environment is arguably the biggest challenge facing their executive teams.
As retailers increasingly confront challenges posed by low-price competitors and online vendors, customer service has emerged as an alternative source of revenue and of differentiation from the competition. Providing superb service to your customer base requires control over a mixed workforce of in-store employees, drivers, field service providers and others – both internally and with service partners.
ClickRoster is a crew planning and scheduling solution that lets you keep your wheels in motion. Now you can plan and manage real-time crew requirements based on an optimal blend of customer demand, resource availability and operational objectives. Whether your scheduling needs are static or constantly changing, ClickRoster eliminates the challenges and complexities of managing your most important service resource: your people.
The modern utility faces many challenges, from an aging infrastructure, regulatory compliance, lowering operational costs and promoting resource optimization. Add to that the advent of more robust storms and restoration capabilities the need for a powerful enterprise mobility solution is key.