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Customer Engagement to Provide a World Class Customer Experience

When managing a field service business, a number of critical factors in field workforce management must be considered on a daily basis ensuring that enough workers, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time, and that crews or individuals are properly equipped and staffed to meet assigned workloads. Failure to do so can have a significant impact on costs, revenues, customer service levels and regulatory compliance. Real-time service businesses leverage technology solutions to assist with forecasting, planning, rostering, scheduling, and communications. These solutions provide managers more visibility into the entire service cycle driving intelligent decision making and leading to an improved customer experience.

The Journey to Best-in-Class Mobile Workforce Management

View this free webinar where Rogers Communications, a satisfied and happy customer, speaks about their successful integration of the ClickSoftware's best-in-class mobile workforce management tools.

Key Business Metrics to Measure your Service Business

Every business focuses on and measures revenue. Every business focuses on profit and loss. But when it comes to your service business, how do you measure the efficiency of your operation and the quality of service that you are providing for your customers? More importantly, how do you then use this data to drive more informed business decisions?

Break Down the Walls Blocking Your Service Business from Operating at Optimal Efficiency- Part 1

This webinar, the first in a two part series, examines the strategic decisions that need to be taken to ensure you have the right number of people, in the right place, with the right skills.

Break Down the Walls Blocking Your Service Business from Operating at Optimal Efficiency- Part 2

This webinar, the second in a two part series, explores the decisions that need to be taken in real-time to ensure you can effectively respond to a dynamic service environment and meet the needs of rising customer expectations.

Enabling Service Proficiency Through Technology

Technology is an enabler to both success and failure. This thought-provoking webinar examines both aspects.

Incorporating Sustainability Improvements into Field Operations

Learn how the requirement to manage a field workforce effectively and meet service and cost expectations is now supplemented by a need to meet environmental targets.

Learn How to Gain Greater Visibility and Control Over Your Workforce

This webinar reviews field force scheduling and mobility for the Indian telecommunications industry.

Oil and Gas Webinar - What's Missing in your Operational Toolkit?

This webinar explores the use of interactive scheduling, reporting, and mobility solutions to get dynamic access to your resources, while optimizing the allocation of assets to meet your operational goals.

Strategic Service Planning: Moving Your Service Business from Reactive Mode into Proactive Mode

Joseph Conti from SCE discusses the SCE planning philosophy and the decision to automate the forecasting and planning process.


Beyond Big Buzzwords, Predictive Apps for the Business

Principal Analyst Michael Gualtieri of Forrester Research joins ClickSoftware’s Katelyn Burrill to discuss big data, predictive analytics, and predictive apps. Large B2C companies are harnessing these powerful technologies to develop consumer facing apps that take into account a customer’s history as well as contextual considerations like their location, time, weather conditions and traffic, to provide the consumer with the best options to meet their individual needs. But how do you leverage all this data and analysis in the enterprise? One lever you can pull is to create intelligent business apps for the mobile worker. During this session we discuss predictive apps and what they mean for the enterprise, how they enable service organizations to improve the customer experience without trading field service efficiency and we take a look at the business value via a ‘day in the life’ for the mobile worker

Mobile Workforce Management Revolution

During this webinar, The Service Council’s Sumair Dutta will share key findings from recent research, outlining the path that successful organizations have followed in transforming their Mobile Workforce Management operations. Myron Hrycyk, Chief Information Officer & Chief Procurement Officer at Severn Trent Water, will highlight the major steps taken by Severn Trent Water in transforming their Mobile Workforce enabling an increase in operational efficiency (first time fix rates, etc.) and improved customer satisfaction.

Beyond Email: Reap the Benefits of Mobile Enterprise Applications

Enterprise mobility is changing faster than ever. That means user mobile demands, such as email and other enterprise applications, are increasing -- as are IT challenges. Join ClickSoftware’s VP of Mobility, Gil Bouhnick and InfoWorld’s Senior Managing Editor of IDG Enterprises Customer Solutions Group Joyce Chutchin as they discuss how IT can strategically deploy mobile enterprise apps and improve customer service demands.

OneRoof Energy’s Journey: Using Today’s Technologies to Revolutionize the Customer Experience

In today's world, technicians arriving late or unprepared for a job will cost your customers. To improve customer service, OneRoof Energy recently rolled out a cloud-based mobile workforce management solution - IN JUST 7 DAYS! Download this on demand webinar to hear firsthand about the challenges OneRoof faced due to rapid growth, and how they speedily selected and deployed a mobile workforce management solution that's provided immediate benefits.

Optimized Scheduling and Mobility – Simon Brown, Project Manager, Belron UK Ltd.

Simon Brown discusses the strategic decision and implementation process that Belron went through when automating their service organization. Belron repairs and replaces vehicle glass with 9000 mobile units across 34 countries. With the changes in the economic climate hitting hard, Belron needed to take further cost-savings measures without putting at risk their reputation for service. This produced a focused move to a mobile workforce management solution with a goal of improving utilization by 5%. Listen to Simon as he walks us through the complexity of the project, aggressive time schedules and how a quick ROI was achieved for customers and Belron alike.

Realizing the Full Benefits of a Mobile Workforce Management Solution

During this webcast, Part III of the Smarter Services Technology Evaluation Series: The Road to Mobile Workforce Management Transformation, The Service Council will lead a discussion of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that Best Practices organizations are currently using (or planning to use) addressing key areas such as Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Service Profitability, Total Service Revenue/Turnover, Service Revenue as a Percent of Total Company Revenues, and other preferred KPIs. A summary of representative Best Practices KPI values will also be covered.

SOMOCLO and the Service Market

Watch to Sumair Dutta, Research Director at Aberdeen Group speak about best practices for service management, customer support and field service, and the current state of affairs and how organizations are facing field service improvements, are working in enhancing productivity for social, mobile and cloud service offerings.

Mobilizing the Real-Time Enterprise

Mobile Analyst Kevin Benedict with steaming hot data on the importance of mobility to your company. With a major numbers of pollsters responding that mobility is critical to their success, Kevin will talk about the changes needed in the business world to support the mobilizing enterprise and what it takes to become a real-time mobile enterprise.

The Role of Mobile Workforce Management Technology in Today’s Field Service Organization

The Service Council welcomes featured case study and guest speaker, Matt Yasinchuk, Dispatch Manager, Integrated Resource Manager at FortisBC, a leading provider of electricity, natural gas, propane and integrated energy solutions (such as geothermal and district energy) to approximately 1.1 million customers in more than 135 communities, approximately 22% of the total energy consumed in British Columbia, Canada. A Q&A session with The Service Council and Case Study speaker will immediately follow the presentation(s).

The Role Big Data Plays with Real-time Enterprise, Mobile Strategies and Field Service

During this webinar, Mobility and SMAC Analyst, Kevin Benedict and ClickSoftware’s VP of Service Optimization Strategies, Mike Karlskind will share their insights into the role big data will play with the real-time enterprise, mobile strategies and field services.

Smarter Services™: Building the Business Case for a Mobile Workforce Management Solution

This webcast is the first in a series of three and focuses on the top drivers (and challenges) that define the path forward that users will likely face in the identification, selection, evaluation and assessment of alternative Mobile Workforce Management solutions.

Using Mobile Technology to Drive Business Visibility and Real Time Decision Making

Mobility Analyst Kevin Benedict will discuss his new Mid-Year Enterprise Mobility Survey 2012 report, and how companies are using mobility to drive business visibility, which leads to a faster operational tempo, better real-time and data-driven decision making, reduced expenses and better customer service. Accompanying Kevin will be Stewart Hill, ClickSoftware’s Director of Product Marketing. Stewart will outline how the latest trends that Kevin presents are now embedded in the current enterprise mobile solutions.

A Satisfied and Happy Customer – the Next Growth Engine

During this webinar, Ajay Kaul, National Sales Manager at ClickSoftware India, shares new innovations in mobile technologies for organizations to consider and implement as a part of their mobility strategy.

Top Tips for an Enterprise Mobility Project

In this webinar, ClickSoftware's Director of Mobility, Gil Bouhnick, will reveal his insider tips to help you find your way to mobility success.

Introducing the Next Generation of Mobility - The ClickSoftware Mobility Suite

Discover in this webinar how ClickSoftware has created a step change in mobile enterprise applications by combining years of mobile application experience with the latest functional and technical developments.

10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting and Implementing a Mobility Solution

Gil Bouhnick, Director of Mobile Solutions at ClickSoftware, examines 10 Costly Mistakes you should avoid when selecting and implementing your mobility solution.

Mobility Innovations for the Next Generation Utility: Part 3 of 3

Part 3: The Future for Utilities: Pervasive Mobility in the Smart Grid Age.

Mobility Innovations for the Next Generation Utility: Part 2 of 3

Part 2: Beyond Paperless - Mobility for Asset Management, Crew Management, and Safety.

Mobility Innovations for the Next Generation Utility: Part 1 of 3

Utilities are experiencing rapidly changing field mobility requirements as they race to keep up with constant change in the industry. Part 1: The Paperless World - Automated Work Dispatch and Field Reporting.

Squeezing Maximum Value from Mobile Workforce Resources

Mike Karlskind, Senior Business Analyst at ClickSoftware, discusses how to squeeze optimal value from your mobile workforce and increase customer loyalty.

Small-to-Medium Business

Expressway to Field Service Growth for SMB Webinar

Small and Mid-Sized organizations (SMBs) are looking to differentiate themselves via improved service and support. In Aberdeen's State of Service Management research for 2012, more than 80% of SMBs indicated that they were paying greater attention to service due to a challenging economic and competitive landscape.