Field Service Scheduling, Routing & Dispatch Software


Automated Scheduling, Service Efficiency

Advanced, Efficient Resource Scheduling Capabilities

Scheduling the right resources, with the right skills, in the right location, with the right resources at the right time to complete service tasks seems straightforward enough – until you try to execute on that promise with tens, hundreds or thousands of field service professionals. Proven, experienced schedulers and dispatchers can meet some of those goals, but it’s virtually impossible to gain maximum agility and efficiency using manual processes because there are simply too many variables to consider; making scheduling automation, optimization, emergency and in-day dispatching a mandate for field service management success.

Advanced resource scheduling and optimization provide the dispatcher, supervisors and managers in workforce management with efficiency based on business policies and processes to make the very most from the resources you have.

Sophisticated Decision Making for Dispatchers & Managers

Service companies can increase the efficiency of their workforce with a scheduling solution combining a powerful automation and optimization engine with strong decision support tools to provide context-aware, intelligent recommendations that keep the organization in control – for even the most demanding field service providers.

That’s why it’s critical you choose the right, trusted and proven vendor that has the breadth and scale to get the most out of your field service professionals today with intuitive, business controls that enable managers, supervisors and dispatchers to continually improve your service for years to come. It’s also important to implement a solution that is continually updated with capabilities that differentiate your service, and sophisticated algorithms that help you transform your operation from a service to customer engagement strategy.

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Field Force Automation, Optimization &
Artificial Intelligence

Click Field Service Edge is based on solid business concepts, 20+ years of business modeling and best practices in order to automate and simplify the scheduling and dispatching processes for effective mobile workforce management. One platform handles the entire service chain for all appointment bookings, short tasks, multi-day tasks, multi-staged jobs, crews and contractors. Patented technologies offer complete visibility and effective management of mobile workforce schedules, tasks, work orders, assets, timesheets, reporting and more; helping you increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) with every engagement.

The Click Field Service Edge job scheduling and dispatch suite utilizes built-in, business designed scheduling criteria to automate the scheduling process to meet your specific service goals. Parameters such as resource details, work data and scheduling policies can be created, deleted, or modified as needed.

Service strategies can be tested, validated and quantified to mitigate risk and ensure service improvement. Service scheduling and dispatch performs according to predefined service policies, and guides scheduling personnel in making scheduling decisions that comply with or override these policies, as appropriate. Running the daily optimization program on the schedule produces a compact, dense schedule with minimal travel, white spaces, and overtime and maximum efficiency. The in-day optimization automatically updates the schedule with up-to-the-second information. Click Field Service Edge makes automatic decisions whenever the actions it is taking are consistent with your business rules and optimization goals. When in doubt, the results will defer final decisions to the scheduler, who has complete visibility and control via a flexible, high-performance interface that makes using and modifying the solution fast and easy.