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Increase workforce capacity and visibility of current and future workloads to achieve efficiency and lower operational expenses.

ClickSoftware solutions enable energy and water utilities to respond faster, increase regulatory compliance and reduce the cost of maintaining networks of assets. Whether serving the “last mile,” maintaining an aging transmission infrastructure or completing capital construction projects – ClickSoftware helps you get it planned more effectively, and done more quickly.

Utilities’ margins have always been limited, as the expectations of customers and regulators alike have become more demanding, while the need to respond to large and small emergencies, such as fires and storms, arises more frequently now than ever. With shrinking workforces and the demands of emerging “smart” technologies, managing a utility and providing value to shareholders is more challenging than ever.

ClickSoftware allows utility workforce managers to plan work years in advance, giving new visibility to the workload over the budgetary year. Company, regulatory and union policies are employed to guide manual decisions, while the workflow engine within our solutions ensures that preparation and prerequisites are completed and crews are not wasted. Optimized scheduling goes further to enforce policies during automatic scheduling, which is used to schedule work from customer service to transmission and distribution, and even outages – whether planned or not.

ClickSoftware also enables faster response and restoration during storms and other emergencies. Real-time visibility from mobile field applications (apps) provides the utility with the latest information regarding which assets are being restored, and which are scheduled next – which can be used to keep customers and regulators informed and avoid fines (which can reach into the millions) for each such occurrence.

ClickSoftware uniquely supports all types of work within an energy or water utility, from the planning of shifts for the 24-hour workforce, to the scheduling and execution of short jobs performed by individuals and longer jobs completed by crews. We help our clients break down the walls between the traditional silos of geography, work types and lines of business to leverage the entire workforce in alignment with the tactical and strategic goals of the company.

“ClickSoftware is the best business tool at our disposal to build flexibility into our business model and meet the infrastructure renewal requirements head on. We are glad we acted when we did and we are delighted we chose ClickSoftware.” – Southern California Edison


  • Increase compliance with regulators, while balancing the interests of customers and shareholders
  • Minimize idle time by utilizing available crews and individuals for small maintenance work while ”in the area”
  • Reduce the number of “false starts” due to prerequisites and customer obligations that aren’t completed
  • Restore assets faster with better control and optimization of the responding workforce
  • Streamline communication regarding capacity and work, and increase visibility of work performed by contractors
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“In addition to increasing the number of maintenance visits we complete each day, ClickSchedule helped make it possible to outsource our entire field-service dispatch function. This represents a tremendous cost-savings for the company.” – Gaz Met Plus

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“The introduction of ClickSoftware, along with SAP ALM and our mobile communication devices, will give us the improvements we seek. We needed a solution that could help us better forecast our demand over time and properly plan to have the right number of engineers on hand. And, of course, the scheduling system itself had to be world class. After an extensive evaluation of products on the market, it was obvious that the value of ClickSoftware's suite approach would drive enormous benefits both now and into the future.” – Anglian Water

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