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ClickSoftware for Public Safety and Security 

Living in a safe and secure community is vital for the happiness and well-being of citizens. Security is not simply a desirable attribute of community life, it is essential to the very foundations of a venerable society. Providing and maintaining this security requires the emergency services to immediately respond to situations and to operate efficiently.


Whether providing services to local, regional or national communities, emergency services face a number of challenges such as:
  • Budgetary pressures: the need to provide better security regardless of budget cuts affecting resources.
  • Rapid response time targets: emergency situations require sufficient available resources on stand-by in order to quickly respond to any number of situations – a mission which conflicts with the need for reduced operating costs.
  • Promotion of public safety and security: the need to maintain visibility and regular patrol presence in communities, in addition to dispatching emergency response teams when needed.
  • Large-scale events: music festivals, carnivals, dignitary visits, sports competitions and other events require a mix of career and volunteer resources to cover all aspects of safety and security.

Our Solution

ClickSoftware manages and balances all of these expectations by providing the right tools, tailored to address the exact needs of public safety and security services through resource capacity planning, mobile workforce management, shift management and more. Our service optimization solutions reduce costs without jeopardizing quick responses to emergency situations while ensuring you keep your commitments to the citizens.

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See how IRC – Serco used ClickSoftware’s Rostering software to create a cost savings of up to 25%.

“The shift rostering and planning solution will ensure that the county has fully manned appliances to meet its service obligations while reducing administration and operational costs."

– County Fire and Rescue Services, UK

Ohio Department of Commerce enhanced Productivity by 25%