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Workforce Management - An Industry Overview

At ClickSoftware we understand that no two industries are exactly alike. In fact, the service challenges and priorities that are experienced in one industry can be vastly disparate from another. And we’re not just talking about semantics; there’s working practices, processes, terminology, overall mentality and cultural differences unique to each and every vertical market. It takes a deep level of understanding to address such industry distinctions appropriately.

ClickSoftware has been in the workforce management and service optimization business for a long time. In fact, our forward thinking and innovative products helped shape the market and this experience means that our customers come from a wide cross-section of industries. We are well-versed in specific industry challenges. We talk your language and about the problems and challenges that are meaningful to you, addressing horizontal business priorities such as:

  • Maximizing efficiency, utilization and productivity
  • Reducing travel and associated carbon emissions
  • Minimizing overall operating costs
  • Increasing flexibility and customer satisfaction
  • Enforcing regulatory compliance
  • Improving response times and service levels

Whether your service business is all about fixing washing machines, maintaining power lines, or building a communications infrastructure for a new town, ClickSoftware helps you to optimize the overall productivity of your workforce in the most efficient way possible.

Below is a sample listing of just some of the industries we cover. Don’t worry if your industry isn’t listed! We provide the best in class solutions for service organizations of any size, and from any service industry.

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“ClickSoftware is the best business tool at our disposal to build flexibility into our business model and meet the infrastructure renewal requirements head on. We are glad we acted when we did and we are delighted we chose ClickSoftware.”

– Southern California Edison