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Oil and Gas Mobile Field Resources

Modernize your field operations to increase visibility, accessibility and utilization of field personnel, equipment and crews, while streamlining the process of scheduling, dispatching and closing out work.

ClickSoftware’s solution for Oil and Gas Mobile Field Resources is an enterprise-wide workforce and asset management platform that centralizes access and visibility of all scheduled resources and field activity. The solution addresses the key operational challenges within this diverse and resource challenged industry, and distributes work details to the field while easing collection of field data for integration to back-office systems. It enables field service operations to move away from legacy scheduling tools that are often disconnected, inflexible, and resource/time intensive. The result:

  • Improved operational awareness through absolute visibility of all field resources and work
  • Increased precision levels that support distribution, collection and analysis of critical field data
  • Giving operations a tool that provides greater insights into trends and needs
  • Establishing consistency and control in delivering services to address the business needs and goals


  • Increase utilization of existing resources
  • Improve targeted use of personnel to reach the highest revenue allocation of resources
  • Manage field activity centrally, reducing infrastructure costs and administrative efforts
  • Integrate field data with back office to reduce service-to-invoice cycles
  • Improve control and consistency by automating and enforcing organizational policies, and reach absolute compliance with customer commitment
  • Enable rapid and easy crew management and communication - even within the field
  • Accommodate varied needs within each service segment while maintaining one priority based schedule
  • Get full visibility of job disposition, logistics requirements and equipment
  • Reduce time and effort to manage the schedule while increasing accuracy for billing
  • Support a single centralized scheduling and mobility solution while addressing varied and changing business needs
The demands and challenges faced by the Oil & Gas industry cover a broad spectrum, which mirrors the range of services and resource types required to support these. ClickSoftware’s end-to-end solutions provide the toolset to address this wide-ranging need, and manage a single centralized resource management solution that connects to the varied systems and adapts to meet the extreme variations typical of Oil & Gas field service operations. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your organization achieve these goals.

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