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Streamline claims management for faster and more accurate settlement, at a lower cost

Competition in the insurance industry, for consumers and commercial clients, is stronger than ever – and the customer experience has become the key differentiator, replacing products and price. While actuarial science may be considered an art amongst its practitioners, the probabilities (and implied prices) that back insurance policies are largely the same for any given business line (e.g. consumer auto). Winning in this market and increasing margins requires that companies look inward for ways to get more visits made, appraisals completed, claims settled – in less time and with fewer adjusters.

ClickSoftware’s solutions for mobile workforce management (MWFM) are world-leading across the service sector, and have been applied by leading companies for residential and commercial insurance, for home, property and casualty. Whether visiting a home or office to assess the value of an insured asset, or appraising a claim in a garage or one of your local offices, ClickSoftware gets the right person to the right job, at the right time, and with the right information – optimized to balance between cost and customer service levels.

Immediately upon creation of a claim, ClickSchedule leverages the location, hours of operation, claim type, property type, travel time, cost and additional parameters to identify the best time and adjuster for the estimate. Once scheduled, the claim is sent by ClickMobile to the adjuster’s smartphone, laptop or tablet with all of the relevant information, equipping him or her with the means to complete all of his or her work from the field - from traveling, estimating, claim submission and time reporting. Real-time feedback from the field is combined with automatic scheduling to re-optimize the day’s assignments based on incoming claims and field updates.


  • Minimize the cost of field assessments and appraisals by increasing the capacity of each resource
  • Respond, complete and process claims faster – with automatic dispatch of every claim detail
  • Collect all relevant information from the field and streamline the claim process
  • Accurately account for adjusters’ and appraisers’ time in the field, based on location and time

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Gaining a Competitive Edge in Insurance through Mobile Workforce Management


“We needed a solution to be able to dispatch field assignment work to our examiners where they could receive the assignment details and also communicate back to our dispatchers how they were progressing throughout the day. ClickMobile made perfect sense since it "plugs and plays" with the other Click products we're using.”

– Liberty Mutual