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Complete more work in less time to profitably serve more customers

Serving the home means serving the customer - a consumer who expects low cost and high quality. In today's economy, the resulting low margins make differentiating yourself absolutely critical for growth. But beating the local contractor and a growing number of regional and national service providers is challenging without raising costs. And it requires being more opportunistic, taking on more types of work and taking advantage of any job, large or small, in the home - from HVAC, to plumbing and electrical repairs and projects, to demolition and renovation.

Leaders in the home services industry have found that the only way to address the challenges of service productivity is to address those that provide their revenue - their field workforces. While workers are these companies’ greatest expense, in such a pure service business the technicians that visit the customer are the differentiator in the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. By optimizing the assignment of work to the right technician at the right time, service leaders are gaining more jobs per day, more projects per week and more bottom-line profit each month. And they are increasing productivity in parallel to enhancing the customer experience with reliable appointment windows, auto-notifications with updated arrival ETAs and even pictures of technicians provided ahead of arrival for safety reasons.

ClickSoftware's solutions for mobile workforce management enable the home services company to both optimize the capacity of its workforce and eliminate and streamline the customer experience. Incoming streams of urgent work are blended with known work to enable in-day optimization, drip-feed dispatch and real-time responses to field updates and new customer requests. ClickSoftware allows the home services company to respond with the same level of urgency as the customer standing in front of a broken water heater or a flooded bathroom.

Customers can count on appointments that are booked with ClickSchedule because we check the actual schedules of the actual workforce, including skills, travel time and other customer appointments to ensure that the commitment you make is one that you can keep. ClickSoftware’s mobile solution for home services provides all of the details a technician could need about the location, customer, serviceable products, warranty, parts availability and even opportunities for upsell.

"The entire company senior management, the scheduling staff, sales, the field-service team and the IT staff is behind our field service optimization initiative 100 percent. The combination of ClickSoftware technology and expertise has allowed us to dramatically decrease our service costs while improving the quality of services we deliver to our customers." – Vivint


  • Complete more jobs with the same workforce size
  • Differentiate your company with reliable and effective service
  • Reduce inbound calls to check on technician status
  • Improve fuel efficiency and reduce fleet maintenance
  • Upsell products and services in the context of a successful service visit
  • Capture and analyze data for continual improvement

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"ClickSoftware enables us to additionally increase the efficiency of our clients' Customer Service Management - particularly regarding service orders and the scheduling and dispatching of service engineers. Moreover, the possibility to give binding commitments to an appointment increases customer satisfaction ensuring our clients benefit from long-term customer loyalty. "

– Mr Schirrmann, Vice President, Bosch Communication Center