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Computer and Office Equipment

Offer shorter SLA’s and better contracts at a lower cost by doing more jobs - and the right jobs - to maximize revenue and minimize loss.

ClickSoftware offers real-time optimized planning, scheduling and mobility-based monitoring that enable manufacturers, OEMs and contractors to deliver service at the lowest possible cost per field visit.

The value of optimizing workforces for computer and office equipment service providers has risen as more and more products and service renewals are based on the quality of post-sales support.

Some customer problems can be settled over the phone or online, but others require site visits, which are most costly. However, those costs can be kept under control by sending the right technician, with the right skills, parts and tools. This is sometimes easier said than done, though, especially when service contracts provide for prompt service and the availability of parts is limited.

ClickSoftware’s solutions address exactly these challenges, optimizing a company’s overall workforce via planning and scheduling, as well as the individual technician as he travels to and carries out the job. By choosing the appriopriately skilled tech, and optimizing the visit to incorporate the most efficient parts delivery or pickup, computer and office service providers can get more jobs done the first time, and more work done overall.

Small periods of availability due to early completion or a cancelled customer call are leveraged by connecting the optimized scheduling engine to every update from the field. As changes occur during the day, lower priority work is automatically moved to make room for the shortest SLAs. In periods of fewer repair jobs, maintenance work and cost savings become the focus to keep the costs down. The result is faster response at a lower cost, and a higher profit margin on service agreements.


  • Offer and deliver on shorter SLAs
  • Optimize parts pickups and schedule service based on inventory availability
  • Eliminate follow-up visits by increasing first-time fix rate
  • Balance maintenance visits with incoming stream of repair work
  • Complete more jobs per day, with less travel between them

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Draw a Clear Picture of Your ROI

Unisys Drives Significant Productivity Improvements


“Our evaluation process reduced a long list of 10 solutions to 2, then confirmed that the ClickSoftware integrated applications were the closest fit to our operational requirements, they scored highly in terms of ease of use, price and maintainability.”

– Ad van den Wildenberg, Program Manager, Nashuatec Services Benelux