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Capital Equipment

Maximize your asset investment with centralized visibility, fewer breakdowns and higher utilization.

ClickSoftware offers service providers with high-value capital equipment a world-class solution to optimally manage routine and reactive maintenance of the assets on which your business depends.

The key challenge is to ensure that these assets are properly maintained, according to their inspection and service schedules, while maximizing their productive, revenue-generating time.

Our service-optimization solutions provide a single overview of all of a company’s assets, and the work that these assets must perform. Asset managers can both manage their assets and automate communication to operators – while keeping tabs on compliance dates for service, company policies that drive decision-making on asset-allocation and the number of travel days from one job location to the next.

Each solution offers industry best practices which are tailored to the organization’s requirements, ensuring that while equipment uptime is maximized as a general objective, the organization is able to run its business according to its own specific requirements.

Beyond routine maintenance, emergency situations can arise, which require optimal handling. This challenge requires strong capabilities in demand forecasting, predictive maintenance planning, resource capacity planning, service request scheduling and dispatch and in-day proactive scheduling – capabilities that ClickSoftware offers you.


  • Know where your assets are, when they are needed, and when they will be available.
  • Plan required maintenance while minimizing equipment downtime.
  • Manage resources to support maintenance work along with high-priority work.
  • Maximize compliance with service regulations.
  • Know when to utilize the services of subcontractors.
  • Ensure that the right parts are available for each stage of large-asset maintenance.

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Diebold improves service and reduces costs


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"Even a very small improvement in efficiency of maybe a quarter to a half a percent could save us roughly 1,000 miles per day, which has huge cost implications."

– Dwight Jellison, Service Delivery Team, Diebold