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Differentiate your business with reliable appointments while reducing the cost of service in customers’ homes or in the “outside plant” of the infrastructure.

ClickSoftware offers communications, broadband and satellite dish companies a single solution that can manage part or an entire workforce as one - and maximize its productive capacity. Whether offering only fixed-line service or delivering full packages (e.g. triple play), customers will receive reliable appointments based on the actual resources, travel time and availability of your workforce.

ClickSoftware’s solutions encompass the network as well, turning increases in productivity into reduced costs for maintaining infrastructure. On standard days, more inspections and faults will get completed, more lines laid and more towers built. During emergencies, ClickSoftware optimizes the workforce in real time to ensure that lines are restored in the shortest time achievable.

Optimized planning, scheduling, mobility and analytics ensure that your internal workforce is effective. Streamlined and systematic management of third-party contractors yields greater levels of customer service and visibility to all parts of the workforce, internal and external, that interface with the customer. ClickSoftware will reduce the need for contractors, while increasing the visibility of the work they do.

“We used to work in a reactive, trouble-based world. Now we are proactively planning, scheduling and managing exceptions. Bell has gained tremendously, especially in tracking the actual productivity from task-based, technician and management reporting” – Bell Canada


  • Minimize customer wait time for service
  • Maintain commitments to customers
  • Improve first-fix time rate
  • Reduce reliance on contractors
  • Adjust the workforce as services offered and markets converge and change

“ClickSoftware aided the transition of our field-service model from functional teams to geographic teams, which in turn helped increase our volume of work-without increasing the size of our workforce.” – Vodafone

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Industry Overview: Increase productivity by 33%


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