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Optimized Workforce Management in the Rail Industry

The modern-day rail industry is very challenging.  After a significant upfront financial investment, rail operators must balance their financial books while handling multiple, and conflicting, pressures including union agreements; industry regulation; timetables and timeliness; passengers' choice and expectations; environmental concerns; and the health and safety of both passengers and staff.

In managing these pressures, an array of equipment, vehicles, and human resources must be deployed in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Our Solution

ClickSoftware for Rail is a holistic workforce and asset management platform that includes demand forecasting, workforce planning, shift planning, scheduling, and mobility solutions.

ClickSoftware for Rail synchronizes the utilization of the rail workforce and asset resources to optimize the performance of the entire rail infrastructure or of individual operational elements such as network maintenance, station management, and train operators.

Benefits include:

  • Increased passenger satisfaction
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved operational visibility
  • Improved punctuality and reliability of services
  • Higher employee satisfaction

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"We have been taking advantage of mobile technology for many years. We are confident that the features and functionality of ClickSoftware mobile field service platform will allow us to take the next step to mobilizing our field workforce and build towards providing a truly customer centric approach."

– Sharon Rodriguez, Managing Director OnStream, a National Grid Company