FieldExpert App on Salesforce1™

FieldExpert App by ClickSoftware enables service organizations to automatically schedule and manage field service employees in real-time, dramatically reducing field service costs while delivering superior customer service.  We offer the first real-time rule engine on Salesforce1 platform that includes smart logic in any scheduling operation.  FieldExpert App connects seamlessly to Salesforce standard and custom objects, and to business workflows of Service and Sales Cloud™ solutions while leveraging Salesforce collaboration (Chatter™), Customer Engagement (Community™), Reports & Dashboards and the Salesforce1 web and mobile application.

I can schedule my service techs before, during and after the day of service, and in a click of a button, re-shuffle the schedule to accommodate change.

Our FieldExpert App does everything you need when it comes to scheduling your field service technicians. All activities are intelligently automated, optimized, monitored and controlled for a worry-free scheduling day. Dispatchers can quickly identify unscheduled or in jeopardy tasks and simply click on the “Optimize” button to re-arrange all tasks automatically. FieldExpert App takes into account all the business objectives such as  ASAP (schedule the service as soon as possible), minimize travel and preferred resource for the job.  This assures that the schedule you produce is in line with your organization’s business goals balancing the objectives of your business with the best customer experience.


Each scheduling operation is embedded with inherent smart logic.  FieldExpert App will automatically highlight potential rule violations, calculate travel times between tasks, as well as take into account worker requirements and your own Smart Rules. Your customers will enjoy a great customer experience when using FieldExpert App as they will get a technician with the right skills, the right tools and the right spare parts to finish the job on the very first visit.   


Using the Salesforce1 Mobile App, your field team can access information about their tasks, get directions to their next job, update their status in real-time and post site pictures and customer signatures to work orders.


FieldExpert App is supported with a communities site available 24/7. This online community will get you started with step-by-step instructions for the installation process, and then turn you into an expert with tips and tricks, FAQs, video user guides, reference materials and expert forums.

Real-time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility of each service work status and SLA results.

Communicate & Share

Use Chatter to share information easily with field employees.

Reduce Operational Costs

Efficiently use resource skills and availability to perform anticipated service.

Connects with Salesforce Objects

Launches the smart scheduling logic from standard and custom objects in the native Salesforce1 UI.

Consistent View of Customer Data

Entire organization has access to real-time information for better customer interactions.

Intelligent Appointment Booking

Uses real-time optimized appointment options that maximize the organization’s business objectives and customer preferences.

How it Works


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