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ClickSoftware is the leader in mobile workforce management solutions. In order to help you establish a mobility solution that will become the driving force in your service company, we offer you white papers, eBooks and webinars from experts in this field. Read how to build a mobile strategy, or if you are further along in your strategy, peruse the materials on mobile apps and how mobile apps will save your service business time and money.  Check out the fun Infographics at the bottom of the page for facts and figures relating to mobility and service businesses.  


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Using Vehicles and Fleet Tracking As Your Visibility into the Field

On July 23rd, ClickSoftware and Fleetmatics hosted a webinar titled “How Integrating Data from an Enterprise Class Workforce Management Solution with GPS Tracking Maximizes Performance”. For the duration of the webinar, Finbar Fleming, Solution Consultant at ClickSoftware, and Karl Weber, Read More ...

0 Hours Ago
What Type of Cloud is Your Business?

The cloud. What is it? Where is it? Is it all around us? Is it above us? Can we trust or believe in something we can’t see? Perhaps that specific question is for another blog post all together, in this Read More ...

6 Days Ago
6 Things We Love to Locate – GPS Positioning and Geotagging

By: Marco Raffaelli In the Information Age, we’ve become accustomed to knowing everything about anything in the click of a button. Search engines harness the immense power of the internet to provide us with up to date information instantly. This Read More ...

Thu, 23 Jul 2015 15:22
Top 50 BYOD Resources – BYOD Security, Policy, Trends & More

There are several advantages to implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) program in your organization, including lower overhead and giving employees the opportunity to work on devices with which they are most comfortable. There are challenges with BYOD, though, Read More ...

Tue, 21 Jul 2015 20:37
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