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ClickSoftware mobile business applications start from mobile apps found in the ClickAppStore. Here, you can find hundreds of mobile business apps with the potential to make your mobile workforce more productive. With over 20 years of experience with enterprise companies, ClickSoftware has combined mobile apps and business needs and has seamlessly integrated them into one dynamic end-to-end solution. The difference between consumer apps and mobile business apps is that business applications need to connect to the back office in real-time. This is exactly what our mobile apps for businesses do for you.

Why is the ClickAppStore different than other Enterprise Mobile Business Application Stores that are being discussed these days?

The ClickAppstore offers mobile business apps for IT and System Implementers to quickly download and implement. They are ready to use, meaning that no coding and no development is required. Simply drag and drop these top mobile business apps and have them running in your ClickMobile solution in no time.

Mobilize your workforce with any app on any device. Our mobile apps are packaged in collections as to give the most value per resource. Choose from collection packs for collaboration, communication, field service, analytics, health and safety, human resources, personal productivity, navigation and more.

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Our business mobility apps give IT and System Implementers the ability to add functionality to business applications whether it be a very specific function (e.g. capture a customer’s signature), or a series of steps within a work flow (e.g. completing a work report).

Our mobile business apps are intended for use with the IT and SIs of the enterprise as we know that when it comes to accessing sensitive information, and performing customer related actions – there are limitations, access control and data security issues. This type of process requires management decisions, concrete procedures, and IT involvement, and this is exactly where the mobile apps for business come into place.

Here are a few reasons why the ClickAppStore and our business mobility apps are so great:

1. Easily implement hundreds of mobile business apps without having to code
2. Add mobile apps to enhance ClickMobile functionality without having to upgrade the entire suite
3. Rapid start with mobile app starter packages – including packages for different roles in the organization and different levels

ClickSoftware mobile workforce management solutions for the service sector optimize field management resources with both enterprise mobility and in-house resources. ClickSoftware is the leading provider of automated service management software.

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