Revolutionary Mobile Field Service

Mobility Enables Optimized, Automated
Field Service

Mobility is at the epicenter of automated field service management. Field service professionals have come to rely on having access to the information they need, whenever they want it, in virtually any situation. Mobility brings flexibility, agility and knowledge to the field for service efficiency and effectiveness. A successful mobile solution transforms field service into a customer engagement strategy that puts the focus on the customer for improved satisfaction and brand loyalty.

And mobility isn’t just for hands-on resources in the field. More and more supervisors,managers and team leaders require mobile capabilities matched to the specific business needs. The use of mobility untethers them from their desk; allowing them to participate directly in the field to collaborate, analyze and nurture their field teams for greater knowledge sharing and service improvement

Mobile Field Service Software that
Connects Entire Teams

Best Practices

ClickSoftware’s mobile field service software is designed to improve both the effectiveness and productivity of all business roles in a service company; from your field staff to back-office users to top executives. Our mobile workforce management software incorporates business best practices and advanced decision-making algorithms that enable you to manage and optimize your entire service operation; before, during, and after the day of service.

Scope and Scale

A critical aspect of any mobile workforce management solution is the scope and scale of their packaged offerings. Mobile field service reporting capabilities such as time sheet input based on clock-in/clock-out, task status and more eliminate tedious and error-prone time entries; freeing up time for additional work while freeing field professionals from administrative chores.

Organization’s Capabilities

Self-scheduling, parts management, achievement tracking and more address the needs of the field to speed compliance and improve productivity. For business-specific functionality, ClickSoftware offers the industry’s only Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP), allowing organizations to create their own capabilities without the need for code.

Seamless Interaction

ClickSoftware’s mobile enterprise field execution software allows seamless interaction between field workers and dispatchers,with the convenience of real-time communications and full visibility from every end. Field workers can update dispatchers in real-time, and dispatchers can update customers for greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Customizable, User Friendly Field Service App:

  • Rapid development of solutions that are interconnected and modular
  • True 360° view of the customer by mobile workers, field supervisors and back office staff
  • Total visibility and control to make real time decisions continuously throughout the day of service
  • HTML5-based and hybrid with responsive User Interface (UI), which supports all major mobile platforms bolstering your mobile strategy now and into the future.

Regardless of the number and types of devices used in the field, the UI content is optimized for each, providing continuity and consistency.