Workforce Demand Forecasting Software

Demand Forecasting

Built with algorithms and developed by experts in the service industry,our demand forecasting software offers intelligent and optimized workforce demand forecasting.  Forecast over any time frame and track historical forecasting decision to limit future over-forecasting.  Use visualization of standard measurements (MAPE) and manually adjust forecasts based on human understanding and judgment.  Forecast over any time frame and across all levels of the business.

I get credible forecasts for the entire organization based on service cycles and past experiences.

ClickSoftware’s intelligent workforce demand forecasting software produces accurate demand forecasts that can be used across the entire company. By considering past experiences, seasonality and service cycles, you can create credible forecasts for the entire organization, individual business units and product lines.  

Cross All Levels of the Business

Forecast any business factor for combinations of territories, job types and product lines.

View Specific Business Events

Manipulate forecasts to illustrate specific business events and take into account future events and demand.

Identify and Adjust Outliers

Remove anomalies to prevent unnecessary skewing of projected demand.

How it Works


Achieving the Correct Staffing Levels with Continually Fluctuating Demands

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Easy Implementation & Great Support

Our goal is to help your workforce forecasting succeed and allow you to gain the full value of your software over the complete lifecycle of your solution.  Working in a partnership mode, we will optimize and drive the value of your demand forecasting solution higher with professionals that can help you through all the stages of your project – implementation, training, consulting and support.

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