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Quickly repair and restore your customer’s IT equipment with ClickSoftware’s solutions for computer and office equipment.

In such a highly commoditized market where product margins are falling and growth is stagnating, differentiating is essential. In order to remain competitive, mobile field engineers must be on-site within the service level agreement and fix the customer’s machine at the first time of asking.  Delivering excellent service is often the difference between a customer renewing their service contract or losing them to a more reliable competitor.


ClickSoftware enables hardware manufacturers and third-party maintainers to achieve real  and measurable benefits to their business while excelling and satisfying their customers.

Increase Engineer Productivity

Complete more jobs per engineer per day, growing your contract base without increasing costs.

Better First-time Fix

Send the correctly skilled engineer to the job, fixing the equipment at the first attempt.

Reduce Response Times

Improve service level performance by continually re-optimizing the schedule to arrive on-site sooner.

Reduce Operating Costs

Optimal travel routes reduce travel costs and penalties for missed service levels.

Fewer Parts-per-call

Reduce costs by scheduling the right engineer to fix the problem without changing every part.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Faster on-site arrival with a higher first-time fix creates happier customers and more contract renewals.

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