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Why ClickSoftware

A Complete, End-to-End, Full Service Workforce Management Platform

ClickSoftware is the only company that manages all time related services with one, single platform. With powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence, our solution is comparable to thousands of brains processing your companies unique workflow in real-time. The result is an instant picture of current activities where smarter decisions can affect your bottom line.

Our solution is fully mobile connecting field services directly to the platform, and with hundreds of mobile apps, builds a truly interactive, complete, end-to-end mobile workforce platform.

Flexibility to Solve any Time Management Need

Many service issues are related to time management. Our scalable, broadly applicable service model has proven its ability to address any service problem, in many environments, for any size and type of organization. Our platform provides a 360 degree view of your service operation by cross-tabbing just about any combination of the business objectives. We give service businesses the flexibility to handle the uncertainties of the day while taking into consideration all business constraints.  

Truly Interactive Mobility

Everything is mobile. ClickSoftware’s mobile solutions provide mobility to all devices, through all service workflows, and with 24/7 availability. Our mobility solutions tightly integrate with back-office systems, address the dynamic decision making required during the day and maintain instant communication with customers.

Mobility is driven by Apps and ClickSoftware's enterprise-grade mobile ClickAppStore has numerous apps for data entry, navigation, peer collaboration, time sheets, asset information, on-the job training, and more.  System Integrators and IT professionals can easily implement any app for any mobile device including smartphones and tablets without having to code.

New capabilities of intelligence and automation are already being incorporated into ClickSoftware’s next generation of solutions for the service lifecycle. With built-in “intelligence”, the user’s needs are anticipated and acted upon proactively within the right context. 

Real-Time Visibility

In the real world, no matter how much planning is done in advance, there will always be changes. That’s why ClickSoftware allows continuous optimization of jobs and resources in response to the dynamics of the day. We provide real-time visibility to any event that will affect the service and schedule. By reacting to business changes in real-time, the delay between the event and the action of the service is minimal leading to additional business gains. 

Highly Scalable for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

We know that growth is in your business plan, so choosing infrastructure that can mature with the business is a major objective. ClickSoftware provides workforce management and service optimization solutions for service operations of any size from 15 to more than 25,000 field resources (and one of our customers has over 40,000!). ClickSoftware is built to grow and develop according to your needs, and at your pace supporting both cloud and on premise deployments. 

We are a Market Leader

Since day one, we have a proven record of generating quantifiable value to our clients with mission critical reliable products running best practices. Nominated as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2012, ClickSoftware has repeatedly been acknowledged for its ability to execute its business plan, overall viability, responsiveness, track record and awe-inspiring customer experience. Work with us, and you work with the best.

Here for the Long Run

With positive cash flow and no debt, ClickSoftware is poised for continued growth and operational success. Our annual growth rate of approximately 20% and superior technology gives us the stability for expansion into new territories and the solidity to invest back into R&D for new and improved products and services. We are continually launching new initiatives that accelerate our growth and give us the confidence to state that ClickSoftware is here for the long run.

Please contact us for more information on a workforce management solution that is right for you.

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