Why ClickSoftware

Master Every Moment that Impacts the Customer Delivery Process

We are a company in the service of service.

That’s why our mission is to enable our customers to be at their best at the moment that matters most - the service delivery moment.


Intelligent automation (our most powerful, unique differentiator)is deeply embedded in everything we do; allowing for optimized decisions and execution that will master every moment of the service chain:


  • Promise:  times to customers that are optimal for both customers and service providers
  • Allocate:  who will deliver, via what route, with what skills, parts, tools, to meet the SLA
  • Execute: while optimizing despite in-day dynamics of traffic, emergencies, duration
  • Engage: with the customer as the estimated arrival time for service is refined


With ClickSoftware, a new order emerges as service moments are brilliantly organized into a cohesive picture.  And we do this for service organizations of all sizes at affordable prices.

7 Milestones in ClickSoftware's History

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