Our Management Team

In 1997, Prof. BenBassat founded ClickSoftware with the passion for optimizing decision support software. With his guidance and leadership, and our proficient management teams, we wholeheartedly follow our mission statement to transform service to be a remarkable experience for customers, employees and organizations around the world. In our day-to-day operations, we are steered by our internal values that allow us to strive for excellence and dare to innovate.  


We stand by our solutions and service with the professionalism and efficiency that you expect from a seasoned company.

Striving for Excellence

We strive to make things better and reach a level of perfection that will benefit our customers and their service levels.


We dare to create the next-generation of innovation the service industry can count on for future growth.

Meet Our Management Team

Moshe BenBassat
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Following a long and successful academic career with positions at USC, Tel Aviv University and UCLA, Professor BenBassat established himself as one of the world's leaders in the area of optimization and decision support software for a wide variety of applications. His research work was supported by DARPA (the U.S.’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency); NIH (National Institute of Health); Ballistic Missile Defense Agency (via TRW); ARI (U.S. Army Research Institute); NASA; and NSF (National Science Foundation). Professor BenBassat has published extensively in leading professional journals, led many executive training workshops, and has spoken at numerous industry events worldwide. In 1996 Professor BenBassat coined the term "service chain optimization" - as an analogy to supply chain optimization - and is considered the "guru" in this field. ClickSoftware, which emerged in 1997 from the consulting practice of Prof. BenBassat, is focused on delivering software solutions for optimizing the entire service management chain. These include software products for service scheduling, equipment troubleshooting and repair support, resource and capacity optimization, analytics, and demand forecasting. Today ClickSoftware is the worldwide recognized leader in service chain optimization, with the largest number of proven deployed customers.